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Begin a common sense method of currency strength analysis.

Trading Forex

How does AccuStrength measure Forex currency strength?

Tearing the pairs apart and measuring the performance of single currencies gives you confidence in the general directions and trends among the individual currencies.It shows you the actual real-time strength or weakness of the top world currencies. AccuStrength displays them as singles or in combinations of currencies on a chart in a familiar form.

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Each foreign exchange currency has its own unique characteristics. Its own strengths and weaknesses. 

Do I need a certain broker or charting system?

No.  This software has its own independent data feed and the trading systems work with all brokers. Nothing extra is required.  AccuStrength is driven by high quality ProFeed data which is included. There are no extra hookups or configuration required.

Can I use it on more than one computer?

Yes! Your unique passwords will allow you to use AccuStrength where ever you happen to be. Show a friend, or take it on the road with you.

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